“The Race to the NBA Playoffs”


The Race to the NBA Playoffs is a project through which I showcase the power of data videos for social media. The league table is visualized dynamically day after day as a barchart race specifically designed for this use case and domain.

What I did
  • Data video production
  • Data preprocessing
  • Design concept
  • Project management
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Remotion.js, d3.js, Python, pandas, Midjourney, ChatGPT.
May 2023
Basketball season barchart race videos

The Race to the NBA Playoffs

Below you can find a selection of the videos that have been produced for this project. To access the full set of available videos head over to the Youtube playlist: The Race to the NBA Playoffs 2022/23.
“The Race to the NBA Playoffs” Trailer
The Race to the Western Conference NBA Playoffs 2022/23
Los Angeles Lakers' Race to the NBA Playoffs 2022/23
Scalable video asset production

Automating the video production of basketball barchart races for all teams and multiple NBA seasons.

The automated data driven video production pipeline allows for a video production in bulk. This makes it possible to compile one video for each team to better address the different fan bases.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup
Design & Styling

Including basketball players artwork to keep the design fun and engaging

The barchart races videos should be fun and xxxx for the tipical nerdy basketball fan.

The decision to deliver videos optimized for each team allowes us to include the image of the star player most recognizable to a fan. To generate these images I used Midjourney with this prompt:

/imagine <PLAYER_NAME> in <TEAM_NAME> uniform celebrating, cool comic style, ink, rgb, white background --ar 4:5 --v 5 --s 750

Find a selection of 8 players artwork below:

Lebron James
Los Angeles Lakers
Jason Tatum
Boston Celtics
Zion Williamson
New Orleans Pelicans
Lamelo Ball
Charlotte Hornets
Joel Embiid
Philadelphia 76ers
Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks
Jimmy Butler
Miami Heat
Nikola Jokic
Denver Nuggets
Maximize the videos reach

Video content optimized for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

I address the rules of each platform when it comes to the sizing and the duration of videos. By doing that the reach of the data video is maximized.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup