Coinfolio Capital

Coinfolio Overview Mockup

Coinfolio is an investment service focused on implementing quantitative cryptocurrency portfolio strategies for it's clients. The investment app integrates with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and is currently in closed beta testing phase.

What I did
  • Branding & Design
  • Product Management
  • Technical MVP Delivery
  • Quantitative Financial Analysis
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, React.js, d3.js, Python, pandas, flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
Jan. 2022 - Dec.2022
The Core Product

Coinfolio Investment App

I have developed an intutive investment application which helps clients manage cryptocurrency portfolios on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The clients connect their Binance account to the Coinfolio service and choose an investment strategy to be run on autopilot for them.
Coinfolio Overview Mockup
Screenshot of the Coinfolio investor portal.
Financial Reporting

Automated Generation of Financial Reports and Charts

I have set up beautiful templates for automatically generating PDF's and images of strategy factsheets and financial charts. The layouts are carefully designed with pixel precision to convey a high-quality brand.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup