DataFlics Overview Mockup

DataFlics is a service that enables clients to easily generate video presentations of their data to create more engaging narratives online. Targeted clients include data journalists, researchers, marketers, data analysts and business owners. The generated videos can be shared on social media or processed further with third party video editing software.

What I did
  • Product & Graphical Concept
  • MVP Development
  • Project Management
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Framer Motion, d3.js, remotion, Next.js, MongoDB.
Feb. 2023 (Closed Beta)
Feature Preview

A Suite of Customizable Video Flic Templates

Clients will be able to easily edit all text and data visualizations, incorporating their own content and data. Moreover, the service will offer customizable themes and supports various screen resolutions, providing clients with powerful customization capabilities to tailor their videos to their brand and target audience.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup

Background Video for the Homepage

I created a video for the homepage jumbotron at First, I generated and exported as single video flics using the DataFlics web app. In the second step, I used Final Cut Pro with the mMockups plugin from MotionVFX to compose the final version of the video, which is visible on the homepage and below. marketing video