Nerdy Finance

Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup
Client is a personal project through which I experiment on new data visualizations for analysing financial markets. Within the web-application, users shall be able to gain insights on financial markets developments and investment ideas via a simple and visual interface.

What I did
  • Product & Graphical Concept
  • Delivery of first Charting Tools
  • Project Management
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Framer Motion, d3.js, Python, pandas, flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
Jan. 2023
Financial Analytics

Better understand Financial Markets with User-Friendly Charts and Statistics

A set of visual tools for quantitative financial analysis help users gain a deeper understanding of the markets.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup

Brand Identity

I have created a nerdy and engaging brand with flashy "Miami Vice" inspired colorpalette, a retro typeface for the logo and a technically flavored monospace typeface for titles.

The brand sets an engaging and fun context for our financial analytics product which shall contrast the traditionally more conservative look and feel of financial brands.

The logo.
Monochrome logo on white and black backgrounds.
Original design concept of the tools selector screen.
Social Sharing

Easily Share Financial Charts on Social Networks

When you share's charts, images which are optimised for sharing on social platforms are computed for you on the fly.
Nerdy Finance Overview Mockup