Data videos —
Captivate audiences with engaging videos of your data.

  • Data videos have become an increasingly popular and effective way to reach audiences across social media platforms.
  • By optimizing the data video assets to the required format of each targeted social media platform, the same type of content can be simultaneously distributed across multiple channels.
  • Data videos provide a compelling and captivating way to attract new users to our content. When designed correctly, they become attention-grabbing eye-catchers.

Example project // Data videos

“The Race to the NBA Playoffs”

Example project // Data videos
Intrigued?Let's explore how I can help you create powerful assets to increase the reach of your data product.
1. Data videos
To communicate data-driven insights in an engaging and shareable way.
2. Data documents
To efficiently present and share complex data sets.
3. Data web apps
To showcase your data in an interactive and user-friendly web way, optimized to feed into your social network strategy.